What you need to know about monohulls

A monohull is a type of boat that has only one hull as opposed to a multihull boat that may have 2 or more hulls linked together. Monohulls are usually equipped with an adjustable or fixed keel to compensate for the force of wind reversal on the mast and sails of the vessel. In this article, Frédéric-Pierre Vos, reveals the characteristics of this sailing yacht.

The characteristics of monohulls

Monohulls belong to the category of yachts and can sail with their sails or an auxiliary engine (or even both). As the driving force is the wind, these boats are more economical and more environmentally friendly than any other type of boat. Monohulls are considered not only as all-weather boats, but also as the safest. The characteristic of such a boat is the peace and total freedom you feel when you sail without the noise of the engine.

The length of monohulls can vary from 6m/ 20 feet up to 30m/100 feet. Boats of about 6m/ 20 feet do not even have a cabin, as they are designed for everyday use. Yachts of about 9m/30 feet are mostly single-masted yachts with a single cabin and a small saloon with a sleeping area. On the other hand, the most common category is that of boats between 10m and 15m.

Although the interior of a yacht depends mainly on the size and type of boat, modern monohulls of around 50 feet usually have a more comfortable interior with plenty of storage space and spacious cabins. They may include air conditioning, TV system, radar, autopilot, GPS, hot water systems, refrigerators, comfortable saloons, toilets, shower rooms, etc.

A catamaran or a monohull?

It is no secret that catamarans are very expensive to buy, whereas monohulls can be bought new for less and buyers also have a wide variety of choices. And compared to catamarans with sleeping capacity, monohulls are cheaper to buy, maintain and charter.

Also, on the second-hand market, monohulls are very cheap to buy, as the current supply far exceeds the demand. And if you buy a monohull correctly, it will retain its value for years to come.

On the other hand, while catamarans have many advantages, they also have many faults, as they have two hulls, they require double the work, double the engine maintenance, higher costs.

When it comes to the sailing experience, monohulls are still by far the favourites of sailing enthusiasts. Not forgetting that they are more beautiful and above all more elegant.

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