Those Togolese who succeed abroad

success of togolese diaspora

Togo is a little country full of resources and also full of talents! Among them, we can cite the prestigious career paths of Benjamin Agboli, Pascal Agboyibor and Emmanuel Adebayor. Back in this article on three extraordinary destinies.

#1 Benjamin Agboli

Benjamin Agboli is nicknamed at 43 years old the African prince of Scotch whisky, nothing less! Indeed, he has succeeded in imposing himself brilliantly in the very closed circle of this luxury spirit with his brand Dunadd, which has nothing to be ashamed of in the face of ancestral whisky brands.

Benjamin Agboli will start by studying in France, according to his family’s wishes, before going to England as he initially wanted. He then went on to study at major universities to obtain a postgraduate degree in international business. He then began his career in a pharmaceutical group where he held a position of export development officer covering African markets. After about fifteen years, he joined Sugar Exporters Ltd, where he managed raw materials trading in Asia, Africa and Benelux, then Itochu Europe, which he developed internationally.

He then decided to give another angle to his career by creating his company Willimott House. After certain pitfalls and major challenges, he created his brand, developed it and registered it under the name Dunadd Blended Scotch Whisky, which is the first whisky that does not stem from a family history.
Benjamin Agboli succeeded in imposing his brand, which is registered in the United Kingdom and is now distributed in Europe, Russia and Africa, with a turnover of 2.5 million euros.

#2 Pascal Agboyibor

Pascal Agboyibor, born in 1967, is an attorney at the American law firm Orrick, but not only that: he was also appointed to the board of directors of this prestigious firm, which ranks among the top twenty in the world.

For the record, Pascal Agboyibor is the son of Yawovi Agboyibor, a renowned lawyer in Togo and former Transitional Prime Minister. It is therefore quite logical that Pascal Agboyibor studied law in France but also business studies at the ESC Lille, which he will abandon after a year to devote himself solely to law.

He then led his career with brilliance, a career that is not unlike that of Laetita Avia, of Togolese origin, who is also a great lawyer in France and deputy of La République En Marche.

#3 Emmanuel Adebayor

Born in 1984, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor has a masterful career as an international footballer. And to say that his career is characterized by an incredible richness is a sweet euphemism.

After starting as a junior with his local club in Togo, the striker joined FC Metz to follow his training and start his career. Emmanuel Adebayor then joined AS Monaco for two and a half seasons, then Arsenal London and Manchester City for five years. His success did not falter and he then joined Real Madrid before returning to Manchester. In 2016, he signed with the English club Crystal Palace, then the Istanbul Başakşehir team and then Kayserispor. More recently, he signed with Club Olimpia in Paraguay. A real world tour for this prodigy of the small ball!

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