The League of Legends universe shaped by Marvel

After the publication of four volumes focusing on the origins of the powerful AD carry Ashe and his adventures in the territories of Freljord, it is now the turn of the heroine Lux, Lady of Light of Demacia to offer a comic book version in 5 volumes. We let you discover the details with Franck Peltier.

Riot Games and Marvel Comics plan the launch of a new comic book

After signing a partnership between Riot Games and Marvel to create comic books centered on Ashe, one of the first League of Legends champions, the two giants are about to offer their fans a new comic book series, this time centered on the story of Lux, Garen’s little sister.

Born in the city of Demacia and raised in a noble family, the young Luxanna Crownguard will have to learn to master her magical powers. The heroine will then have to choose one of the camps, either by allying herself with Sylas or by choosing her family and nobility. A tough decision for the young Luxanna, who will have to leave behind a lifetime of privilege to begin a new chapter. As the story unfolds, plots and secrets will be revealed.

The secret to the success of the League of Legends comic book…

According to Franck Peltier, the success of the Marvel and Riot Games collaboration can be explained by the fact that many video game fans and Marvel enthusiasts have common interests and therefore share the same passion for comics. It is therefore only natural that League of Legends, being one of the most popular games in the world, with its concept, design and captivating characters makes a good subject for Marvel comics. So it would be interesting to see how Marvel will tell the stories of the Runeterra world in pictures.

In fact, Lux’s adventures will also be a project that will mark the collaboration between Marvel Comics and writer/scriptwriter John O’Bryan, cartoonist Billy Tan and artists Gadson and Haining.

In all, five volumes have been announced by Marvel Comics and Riot Games, with a monthly publication every first Wednesday of the month. As for the first volume of Lux’s adventures, it is already available for free on the official League of Legends website, in addition to the other comic books that preceded it, so fans won’t miss a thing.

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