The importance of culture for students

No one can dispute the importance of culture in human life. However, young people, especially students, tend to neglect this detail. Indeed, culture is also very important in the daily lives of students. Patrick Bézier, Managing Director at Audiens, explains why.

Culture is a body of knowledge that we acquire over time, throughout our lives. This knowledge can come from very different fields such as philosophy, history, technology, art, and can be acquired in everyday life as well as in books. In short, culture is everywhere.

It allows one to pursue higher education

Culture is essential for students because it often allows them to continue their studies in higher education. Indeed, many schools or universities give candidates a general culture test. It is not based on knowledge learned in class but rather on elements relating to history, art, current affairs, etc. The aim is to determine whether the candidate is curious and open to the world, which is very important for developing one’s own opinion.

It is a way to differentiate oneself

Taking an interest in culture in general is also a good way to differentiate oneself. Differentiate yourself from others because a more cultured person will often have a more complete vision and a more objective opinion on various subjects. This ability is also highly appreciated by teachers and the world of work.

It is enriching

The culture is also very enriching. It contributes to our personal development and our openness to the world. It encourages travel and the discovery of new cultures. It brings us a new and more complete vision of the world and makes us more tolerant.

It brings together

Culture has a very strong sociological aspect. It brings us together and pushes us to better understand the other. This aspect is very visible in higher education where cultural diversity is encouraged. This is evidenced by the many university exchanges in which students can participate. Culture brings better development of society and better living together.

In short, culture is essential to our society and, as a student, it is important to show curiosity and to learn about diverse and varied subjects. Moreover, even if certain subjects do not initially fascinate you, it is possible to discover something captivating by going a little deeper.

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