The 5 common mistakes in kitchen design!

Renovating a kitchen can be very complicated, stressful and expensive. However, it is well known that a well-designed and personalized kitchen can bring a lot of comfort and conviviality to your home. Unfortunately, mistakes can be detrimental to this project in terms of time and money. It would therefore be wise to be aware of the most common mistakes made in kitchen design so that you can avoid them. Netovia, your furnishing partner in Paris, has compiled the top 5 most common mistakes in kitchen design for you.

Poor planning

According to design and renovation experts, the more thorough and detailed the planning phase, the easier it will be to build the kitchen. Yet many homeowners excited about building their kitchen rush into the design phase with the idea of making changes as the work progresses.

This can be a huge mistake. The reason is that changes during or after construction can have unintended consequences. That is why it is important to plan everything from the start and work with an experienced designer.

Poor space management

When designing countertops, many homeowners make the mistake of emphasizing visual appeal over functionality and are content to place often unnecessary decorations.

During the initial design phase, think about the tools and gadgets you want to have immediate access to on your countertop, as well as the space you will need for food preparation.

You’ll also need to make sure you have enough space around the appliances or machines you use most.

Lack of lighting

A good kitchen essentially requires good lighting. Lack of lighting can make it difficult to cut vegetables, detect unwanted particles, prepare meals and even use your cooking surfaces. And that’s not all! Poor lighting can make your kitchen very dark and sad.

When setting up your kitchen lighting, think about how the natural light from your windows will affect different aspects of the room as well.

Inadequate ventilation

A range hood will draw in unwanted air and carry it outside. Not only does this remove cooking odours, but it also helps eliminate excess heat from the stove and smoke from high-temperature cooking.

Good ventilation also extends the life of your appliances, especially your refrigerator. Not investing in a quality range hood can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Wrong waste configuration

Organic food waste, bottles, cans, packaging, plastic containers … must be disposed of constantly and separately to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic, but also to help protect the environment.

Despite the obvious need for proper waste disposal, many kitchen designs do not allow enough space for different types of garbage. And if you plan to recycle your waste, you will need a separate container for recyclable paper, glass and plastics.

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