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From the milk carton to the packaging of the latest high-tech gadget, the packaging designer takes care of the entire carton design of the products he works on. In particular, he must choose the shape, the material, the colors, but also the style, the message to be conveyed and the mandatory information.

Description of the job

The packaging designer is above all a creative person at heart. Equipped with a good technical background, he must imagine and make innovative proposals to differentiate the product he is working on from the competition and thus attract more customers to this product, only from its packaging. To do this, he must take into account the expectations of the customers, and find a creative way to create interest while remaining in the register of the product to be sold.

A specialist in the field, Jean Baptiste Gouraud, artistic director, will tell you that the packaging designer must have the ability to intervene both at the level of :

  •         The expression of the need;
  •         The design of the packaging;
  •         Its manufacture and packaging;
  •         Its transport to the points of sale;
  •         Its control by the regulatory authorities;
  •         Recycling.

In doing so, the professional must take into account a lot of information relating to these different stages to make his packaging as successful as possible.

Training and diplomas

In France, once you pass your BAC (baccalaureat), you can commit to a two-year post-graduate degree in Packaging, Packaging and Packing. You will then need to spend an additional year to validate a professional degree in Packaging Design and Packaging Design. You also have the possibility to apply for a Master’s degree in Packaging Design Engineering which is obtained in 4 years of training after the BAC or count 5 years of study for an engineering degree or a DSAA (higher diploma in applied arts).

By following one of these courses, you can work in an agency to gain experience before setting up on your own as a freelancer.

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