Oulaladeals, the online sales site for budding cooks


In France, online sales sites are becoming increasingly successful. To see this, just look at how the holiday season has been conducive to e-commerce. More and more consumers are favouring websites rather than traditional shops. Indeed, it is not uncommon to look for original products and find nothing in physical shops. This is where the advantage of web-based sales sites lies.

The Oulaladeals e-commerce site is perfectly in line with the growing demand for originality of consumers. Indeed, this e-commerce site offers only practical, innovative and original products designed to make life easier for their customers. Moreover, the products available on the site are not sold in classic stores. It has a wide range of products divided into several categories: beauty, cooking, DIY, sports and well-being, home and garden, technology and smartphones, car accessories, children, pets and best sellers. It also offers articles for cooks.

Quali’Sponge, the silicone sponge

It is a sponge, intended for washing dishes, is composed of more than 5000 silicone bristles. Thanks to its innovative design, it dries quickly, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and thus prevents unpleasant odours. In addition, its life span is much longer than that of an ordinary sponge.

A little extra: it can also be used dry to remove lint from clothing or hair.

VapoGrill, the ideal tool for cleaning barbecue grills.

VapoGrill is an appliance that uses the power of steam to clean all types of barbecues without chemicals. To use it, simply put water in the reservoir in the handle, preheat the barbecue and then brush lightly with the VapoGrill. Thanks to the action of the steam, the grills will then be clean and sterilized.

The VapoGrill is suitable for all steel, iron or ceramic grills. The brush heads are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher-safe, so they can also be changed.

Quick’Cooker, a simple solution to cook potatoes to perfection

It is not always easy to cook potatoes and meat, for example, in total synchronization. Quick’Cooker is a revolutionary solution to cook potatoes successfully in four minutes.

It is the simplest and quickest solution for cooking potatoes in the oven with a microwave. This utensil comes in the form of a bag where you simply slide the potatoes in and put them in the oven for four minutes. It’s ready to use.

This makes Oulaladeals a perfect site for cooks who want to save time when preparing dishes and maintaining the kitchen. Of course the list is not exhaustive and other products are available on the company’s website.

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