Magnificent hiking trails around Grenoble

Spring is often an opportunity to go out in the mountains, to hike, to walk, to enjoy the wonderful gifts of nature and to breathe the fresh air of the mountains. From Vercors to Chartreuse via Belledonne, the mountain ranges overlooking Grenoble are a true wonder that Séverine Sbeghen, a passionate hiker, invites us to discover.

For those who love to discover new areas and especially who like to be surrounded by mountain peaks during their holidays, hiking around Grenoble will bring them as many sensations as they will not hesitate to extend their stays. The most magnificent routes are mainly in the Vercors, Belledonne and Chartreuse.

Ascent of the Bastille, the easiest hike

Many inhabitants of the city of Grenoble love this route. Indeed, you can go hiking, jogging or walking there during the weekend. It’s a kind of discovery of the city on foot as you start your hike from the city centre.

The historical site of the Bastille is interesting to discover and the view over the city of Grenoble and the surrounding mountain ranges is superb. You will be able to climb to a height of 300 meters in about two hours. To get there, you have to go through Saint-Laurent or Porte de France.

The route of the circus of Saint-Même

On the way to Savoie, this site is at the end of the Chartreuse massif, about 1 hour from Grenoble. Guiers crosses the cirque, the location at the starting point of this hike is very pleasant, ideal for picnics.

You will be able to discover throughout this route full of greenery breathtaking landscapes. According to Séverine Sbeghen, the hike to the cirque of Saint-Même on 400 meters can last four hours on two stages, Sentier des Cascades and Pas de la Mort.

The walk of the Col des Ayes, the Archard Lake and the Mount Saint Eynard

The two-hour walk starts at Saint-Pancrasse, near Saint Hilaire du Touvet, at a height of over 1,400 metres, right next to Mont Pravouta. The difference in altitude is hardly felt (about 300m), the path is very accessible. The hike, which can be done on foot in the summer or with snowshoes in the winter, would be perfect especially for families. The landscapes are just beautiful to look at.

Walking on the Achard lake gives access to a very beautiful view, the setting is heavenly. The hike remains very easy and feasible in families. The route starts at Roche-Béranger at the resort of Chamrousse. This magnificent mountain lake is at 1917 meters, the duration of the hike is two hours and you can even camp there. For experienced hikers, Severine Sbeghen advises you to try the ascent of Mont Saint Eynard. The difference in altitude is a bit steep but the loop of the Fort and the Crête de Saint Eynard is well worth the detour.

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