Krill oil as a dietary supplement for athletes

Regular physical activity, a healthy diet, restful sleep… these are, in bulk, the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. If you are a professional athlete, these factors are all the more important to improve your performance and stay competitive. But they are not the only ones… nutrition is extremely important, and food is not its only source. Today, food supplements, such as krill oil, can help you boost your performance. Here is our opinion on the subject.

Krill oil at the Norseman Triathlon

Krill oil is extracted according to a patented process and is highly recommended for improving sports performance. To prove this, the oil has been tested at the legendary Nordic triathlon, Norseman. Held every year in Norway, this triathlon is one of the most physically demanding in the world.

To say the least, the events are quite tough: the triathlon starts with a 3.8 km swim in a fjord. This is followed by a 180-kilometre cycling race, before finishing with a 42.2-kilometre marathon. In the last stage, participants must climb the 1,883-metre-high Gaustadtoppen mountain. What a programme!

To test the usefulness of krill oil, 100 triathletes were chosen at random (champions of the upper “elite” level and a few amateur runners). The aim of the test is to evaluate the usefulness of choline and omega-3 phospholipids present in krill oil, by noting the impact on sporting performance and recovery.

The results of the study

The results of this study by the University of Oslo (see page 10 of this magazine) are quite convincing. For one thing, it has been shown that krill oil improves the performance of the triathletes tested, especially during the cycle race. It also improved recovery after effort for the top athletes, allowing them to resume training more quickly. Another striking fact, the researchers noted that the athletes’ immunity was also preserved, whereas it usually suffers a temporary drop after intense sporting effort.

Phospokrill: Nutrixeal’s pure krill oil

Phospokrill from the Nutrixeal laboratory is a pure krill oil, extracted from the natural oil of polar shrimp “Euphausia superba”. It is also purified and concentrated, and rich in omega-3 EPA/DHA phospholipids and phosphatidylcholine.

Nutrixeal: opinion on the quality of their krill oil

The krill oil used by Nutrixeal comes from Antarctica, more precisely from fishing zone 48, with respect for biodiversity (MSC certification, Marine Stewardship Council). Key fact: the extraction process uses supercritical CO2, and is carried out directly on board fishing vessels. The aim is to guarantee the highest level of freshness. In addition, the astaxanthin naturally present in krill oil protects it from oxidation.

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