How do you manage to find a discotheque to privatize in Lille?

Finding a discotheque to privatize in a city like Lille is not an easy thing, because first of all, you will look for an establishment that would exactly meet your needs according to the nature of the event you wish to celebrate. Whether you are an individual or a company, the type of reception you are going to organize determines the kind of service you expect when you decide to privatize part or all of a nightclub.

Here is some advice given by the owner of Smile Club, a nightclub in Lille :

Set the type of event

As a private individual, there is a large list of events that will lead you to privatize a discotheque. It could be the organization of a birthday, a wedding or even a bachelor or bachelorette party. For each reception there are different configurations. For the professionals who wish to organize for example company parties, galas or seminars, the criteria of choice will be different and the size of the establishment will be a determining factor for the success of the event.

The Smile Club owner considers that studying the different aspects of the event is a determining phase before deciding to privatize a nightclub if you want to have the right place and the right service.

Define a precise date for your event

In Lille, discos are sometimes sold out, especially during the summer. To make sure that your event takes place in the right place, it is best to set a specific date in order to reserve your nightclub in advance with enough time to give your guests time to organize themselves, especially if they have to travel to attend your ceremony. It is then recommended to leave 1 to 3 months before the date of the event. The deadlines may vary according to your schedule and the availability of the establishment to host your event.

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