How did the Smile Club become a reference club in Lille?

Smile Club lille

Smile Club Lille

Getting into the world of nightlife and making a name for yourself is not necessarily easy or obvious. Many would like to try their hand at it but very few really know what awaits them. There are certain points that must be taken into account and cannot be avoided. If your project is to invest in a discotheque, the following advice will be very useful.

The location, the presence of competitors, the expectations of the public you will have targeted, and many others. The night world is a rather closed world where it is difficult to make a place for yourself. You have to have a strong character and don’t let yourself go and have fun. Here is the list of small things that will allow you to become one of the references of the Lille partygoers.

What are the elements to consider to get started?

Every investment of any kind involves risk and smart homeowners seek to minimize it from the outset. That’s why it’s advisable to start by doing careful research before jumping headlong into the project, especially when you want to open a nightclub or bar, because a thorough understanding can help a nightclub or bar owner design a business plan and practices that succeed despite any obstacles or challenges. For example, laws related to alcohol, tobacco, dance, dining, live entertainment or nudity can all affect the operations of a nightclub or bar. How states and local jurisdictions deal with each of these issues varies considerably. In some areas, a nightclub manager will require multiple licenses and permits. These often include a business license, a food service license, and a liquor license. The Smile Club owner recommends that entrepreneurs research national and local regulations regarding any product they intend to serve or sell.

It should also be noted that although towns and villages across the country have some form of nightlife, community standards and tastes vary considerably. A large city may not have a problem with a nightclub or even a strip club, but a small town may find such establishments in poor taste. So just because something is legal doesn’t mean it will necessarily succeed or escape public complaints. Therefore, you have to create a supply that matches local demand perfectly. And as mentioned above, before investing, entrepreneurs need to research the target population and the likelihood of success.

In France, every year, nightlife enthusiasts decide to take up a challenge: to open a nightclub. If this is your case, prepare yourself well because a long road awaits you. But the good news is that the boss of the Smille Club de Lille is there to help you overcome the first obstacles.

Indeed, did you know that the average turnover of a nightclub in France is 440,000 euros?

However, before talking about turnover, it is important to pay particular attention to the first step, which is the nightclub market study. In other words, before moving on to anything legal, you need to study the local market to make sure that there is indeed a commercial potential before setting up in the target area.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things to consider before embarking on such a project. Choosing your future location for your establishment is the first priority. It is essential to ask yourself the right questions and to clearly define which target you want to reach. A trendy downtown clientele always looking for something new? A place of work for after-works that go on until late at night? Near a sports hall to allow sportsmen and women to relax and take a rest after their session. However, you should know that this kind of place is very much in demand and rents are often quite high.

To do this, it is important to find out about the market in general, and the nightclub sector in particular. It is important to ask the right questions, determine the constraints, and pay particular attention to concepts and new trends that seem to be working well.

According to the Patron of the Smile Club of Lille, the ideal would be to analyse the key factors that have an impact on demand at the local level, i.e. the characteristics of the population living in the area, such as purchasing power and age, or the expectations of potential customers with regard to nightclubs, without neglecting the study of the competition. As for the subject of competitors, the Patron of the Smile Club, recommends to make an inventory of the establishments already present in the area and to take a look at their services as well as their prices. This will not only help you build up a general idea of what works best in your area, but it will also allow you to develop original services to differentiate yourself.

If your budget is more modest, you can perfectly set up on the outskirts of a big city like Lille. The cost for renting or buying the land will therefore be easier and above all less expensive. However, it should be noted that you will not benefit from the public transport network and you will therefore be less likely to attract a varied clientele than in the city centre like the Smile Club lille. The club is located in the heart of the Flemish capital and therefore benefits from an idyllic location for everything by public transport, taxi or VTC.

Knowing the needs of your customers is also something very important and absolutely indispensable. You need to study their outgoing habits, to know which days are best for them. You have to get to know their tastes in terms of drinks, meals, music, atmosphere, decoration, etc. It is a thorough investigation that you have to conduct. The boss of the Smile Club has chosen a large target group because his establishment hosts both student parties and events for companies. So all these different requests had to be met.

How to start a successful nightclub project?

If you have decided to create your own business, starting your own nightclub can be one of the most interesting investments for you. If you are the type of person who likes to party at night and interact with others, running your own bar or nightclub may be the type of business that suits you. Before embarking on this project here is some key information, provided by the manager of Smile club, that is important to know in order to make your nightclub project a success.

First, you need to create a clear business concept for your bar or nightclub. When you start a nightclub, it is not enough to simply find a location and start playing music there. You need a theme or concept that will attract a specific category of customers. For example, you can create an 80s themed club or a high-end Vegas-style club. Many unsuccessful nightclubs try to do too many things at once, so make sure your concept is clear and well-defined.

Get a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to serve your customers. Some bars and nightclubs have a very limited selection of drinks. Some customers don’t like this and the result is that you don’t sell as many drinks. Find out what sells best and keep it in stock at all times. Then get a smaller quantity of a wide variety of beverages to please all your customers.

The Smile Club Lille, the reference of Lille nightlife

Whatever type of establishment you wish to open, you must imperatively evaluate your competitors and the demand of your future customers. The Smile Club Lille has managed to build a spotless reputation thanks to the diversification of its ambience and its privatization possibilities.

3 rooms for 3 different atmospheres allow the nightclub to welcome different profiles and different types of clientele. Rather young, especially on Thursdays reserved for it, the average age is 25. But its electro or techno sounds attract older people looking for good DJs who know how to mix hits or more specialized music with talent. This is one of the best assets of the place, the musical diversity and the mix of genres.

Its location also makes all its appeal. Located in the hyper-centre and perfectly served by public transport, guests feel safe and can let themselves go. Taxis or VTCs nearby will be able to bring them back home in complete peace of mind.

A reputable discotheque is a discotheque that has managed to stand out from its competitors. It is up to you to find the formula or formulas that will give you this advantage over your competitors.

A nightclub with an original concept

The differentiating element of the Smile Club is the originality and simplicity of its concept. Although most nightclubs choose to focus on a specific target, the Smile Club is rather flexible and versatile in this sense, since it opens its doors to anyone who wants to party regardless of age. So, whether you are a student, an employee, or a senior, you will surely find your place in this club.

Indeed, most nightclubs target young people between 16 and 30 years old. It’s a kind of strategy that allows you to stand out and attract a large audience, but which puts middle-aged people and seniors aside. To remedy this situation and face the competition, the manager of the Smile club, has chosen a new generalist concept which consists in targeting partygoers of all age groups without discrimination. Moreover, the design of the Smile Club allows to organize events in one of the 3 halls without necessarily being hindered by the presence of other clients who are partying at the same time. This means that it is possible to organize a student party, an afterwork party or even a party for seniors.

So if you are passionate about nightlife and dance parties and you want all your clients to have a memorable time at your establishment. Then you will have understood it. To succeed in a nightclub project: you have to evaluate the market, find an original and feasible concept. Thus, whether you are planning to open a gigantic or rather intimate nightclub. You must study the market and evaluate your needs as well as those of your competitors. Because just like you, discotheque managers are not lacking in imagination and all compete to make their customers become the kings of the night.

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How to get to the Smile Club?

The club is located near the République Beaux-Arts metro station at 3 rue Ernest Deconynck, 59000 Lille, France.
Its location in the heart of Lille’s historic district and close to the citadel, allows the Smile Club to be easily accessible by metro, bus and taxi.

What is the opening time of the disco?

The Smile club opens its doors every night at 11:00 pm.

Who’s the boss of the Smile Club?

The night club is managed by Abdelali JAWAD since 2009.

Are there any special offers for students?

Thursday evenings are totally reserved for student parties. Smile Club is turning into a campus and all the teams are getting ready to welcome all the students from all the universities and educational institutions present in Lille. Catering rooms have been set up to allow students to spend festive evenings full of atmosphere.

Is it possible to organize seminars and company parties there?

Smile Club is a very suitable place to organize seminars and conferences. The room upstairs is designed to accommodate more than 150 people. Whether it is for a company presentation or a marketing event for a new product or service, you can also consider organizing mini-salons and invite all your partners.

Is the club available for private rental and for how much?

With the different formulas proposed by Smile Club, you can reserve either a table for 10 people, a whole room for 150 or the whole establishment for 500 guests. All projects are welcome.
For the room for 150 guests, you must guarantee a consumption of 2500 euros. However, if you are interested in the whole establishment, the cost of the reservation is at least 9000 euros. When you opt for this formula, your guests will be able to occupy the three available rooms.

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