Discovering Osteopathy

Osteopathy is now a widely known discipline, practiced and legalized in a growing number of countries around the world. However, the discipline is often misunderstood and under-used or used as a last resort when it is a practice to be taken seriously and used as early as possible. According to Antonino Mercuri, a renowned osteopath, the first schools that opened in France in 1975 were exclusively open to professional physiotherapists who sought to deepen their knowledge and improve their therapeutic effectiveness for the benefit of their patients.

At the time, the practice of osteopathy was wrongly considered to be an illegal practice of medicine. Numerous lawsuits were brought by interest groups, but won by osteopathic physiotherapists with diplomas. This gradually led to its recognition by the Health Commission of the European Parliament in 1997 and then in France by the law of 2002 and its implementing decrees.

Osteopathy and functional disorders

Osteopathy is above all a complementary medicine that mobilizes and stimulates by manipulating different parts of the body such as the spine, limbs or joints,). Its objective? To prevent and improve abnormalities of the body and thus restore general well-being except for all chronic or more or less acute pathologies.

Antonino Mercuri explains to us that osteopathy is particularly useful to prevent and treat a large number of female problems, from the simplest to the most complex of origin or with a mechanical component. Following for example a bad position or a dysfunction of the pelvis associated with an improvement in lifestyle, diet, posturology, anti-gravity exercises, vertebral and general stretching and intelligent muscle training of the abdominal and perineal muscles in women.

It is a remarkably effective discipline of care when practiced wisely and by qualified practitioners. Visceral osteopathy is a branch of osteopathy that addresses the so-called functional problems of the organs and viscera that constitute the preliminary stage of 80% of preventable organic diseases. These functional disorders manifest themselves especially in women by various warning signs; discomfort, lower abdominal pain, localized pain, tension or cramps, circulatory disorders such as heavy legs, hemorrhoids, nervous, genito-urinary, sexual, mechanical components.

For Antonino Mercuri, we can also mention visible modifications of the belly and lower abdomen which become more bulging and distended, which is either a bloating of intestinal origin, or a congestion of the pelvic sphere, or a descent of the intestinal organs, uterus and bladder, which is called a ptosis. Several of these problems can coexist and they can only be solved by treating all causes simultaneously according to the principles of synergy which is the basis of osteopathy.

A discipline to improve well-being

Osteopathy can enable you to transform your life by taking your health into your own hands, to become an actor or player in your health. Whatever your disorders, osteopathy helps you by improving the functioning of your internal organs, blood circulation, nervous and endocrine systems, optimising your health capital in a sustainable way, and this throughout your life.

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