Books to discover to be at peace with oneself and with the world


In a context of post health crisis, war in Ukraine, economic instability, it is important to find serenity and inner peace. There are several approaches to this, whether through meditation, the practice of Buddhism, alternative medicine… Books can also help to achieve this inner well-being. We suggest you discover three of them.

Opening to the future, by Ikeda Daisaku

In this essay, Ikeda Daisaku, the third president of the Soka Gakkai Buddhist Association, brings to the readers a vision of hope in spite of an anxious context. In this book, he shares his memories as well as his personal reflections. He also bears witness to the consequences of man’s estrangement from nature, which he believes is the cause of our loss. «This separation and estrangement constitute, it seems to me, the tragedy that underlies contemporary civilization. In rupture with the cosmos, with nature, with society and with others, we have become fragmented. Ikeda Daisaku advises that “cooperation should be preferred to rivalry, unity to division, the pluralist ‘We’ to the isolated ‘I’ ».

The author explains that thanks to this, it is then possible to fully grasp the meaning of our existence and to revise our way of living in order to create the future of humanity.

Living in Peace: How to transform fear into love by Thierry Janssen

The author invites his readers to explore and understand the functioning of the mind but also to understand the truth of the soul. The objective is to find the intimacy of oneself and to learn to accept the present moment as the only one that can be transformed.

Thierry Janssen instills in the readers that happiness is present in each one of them and does not depend at all on what surrounds them. He shows the way to peace and joy through different paths to follow, such as forgiving oneself but also others or abandoning one’s suffering and not repressing one’s emotions.

Cultivating inner peace by Jacques Regard

To be happy here and now. Such is the objective of the author who reminds us that peace is cultivated by everyone. He proposes different tools to stop suffering and to stop being subjected to one’s existence. Throughout the book, the reader will discover his or her deepest nature and access a new serenity in a sustainable manner. He also learns how to develop and maintain his peace.

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