A hybrid heat pump, how does it work?

A hybrid heat pump is the combination of a high-efficiency gas condensing boiler and a high-performance heat pump. Thanks to its intelligent control, both generators can be operated simultaneously to optimise the overall performance of the system. Free and inexhaustible, up to 75% of the energy used by the heat pump is contained in the outside air. According to Alpes Énergies nouvelles, this technology allows you to make significant savings. The hybrid heat pump is the ideal solution for the production of heating and domestic hot water required for all types of housing.

How does it work?

The hybrid heat pump automatically selects the energy generator according to the outside temperature, thus reducing its energy consumption as much as possible. The heat pump mode works with mild temperatures around 12 degrees, allowing maximum benefit from renewable energy. It can reach a coverage rate of 75%. In this mode, the primary energy efficiency of the hybrid heat pump can reach up to 160%.

During the winter period with outdoor temperatures around 1 degree, the control system allows operation in hybrid mode with simultaneous operation of the heat pump and the gas condensing boiler. As Alpes Énergies nouvelles explains, this mode of operation optimises the operation of renewable energies to the maximum. This regulation makes it possible to achieve an efficiency of 105% in extreme outdoor conditions with temperatures around -10°.

The regulation will only operate the condensing gas boiler. In this operating mode, the efficiency on primary energy will be about 96%. Thanks to the high efficiency of this type of boiler, the gain on the energy bill is impressive. Indeed, it allows significant savings compared to a traditional system thanks to the high coverage of needs by the renewable energy source both in heat pump mode alone or in hybrid mode.

Selection criteria and consumption mode

In concrete terms, there are many parameters that influence the efficiency of the hybrid heat pump, including the price per kilowatt of electricity and gas. In a highly fluctuating energy price market, the regulation of a hybrid system ensures that you always operate on the cheapest energy source while guaranteeing optimum comfort.

Compared to a traditional oil boiler or to an old gas boiler during a mild heating season, a conventional boiler consumes a large proportion of fossil fuel oil or gas, whereas a hybrid system will cover the same needs with a high proportion of renewable energy and therefore a very low operating cost. Alpes Énergies nouvelles tells us, moreover, that during the coldest periods, the consumption of a traditional boiler will only increase while at the same time a hybrid system will optimize the operation of both generators to minimize the operating cost.

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