A different approach to the job of interior designer

According to the vision of Laurent Hosana, an interior architect, is responsible for the interior design, decoration and usability of a client’s space, whether commercial or residential. Laurent Hosana is thus proud of his many years of experience in this field and of the many projects he has been able to carry out for his clients.

As an interior designer, he works closely with building tradesmen and clients to determine the design of a space, the needs of the owners and the style that best suits both.

The work itself is a combination of engineer and artist, and a unique mindset must be developed to manage both skills. Adjusting colours and paint to the material and drapery. He also has the ability to transform a space through simple design changes, such as moving a sofa here and a bookcase there and adapting lighting sources. Although the interior decorator may have his own taste and artistic vision, he is also attentive to the intentions and sensibilities of the owners of the premises.

An interior designer’s choice of colours, fabrics and furniture must be flawless. He must know the materials and have budget management skills. He must also communicate well with craftspeople and be able to supervise the installation and maintenance of all the equipment that defines a space. In addition to having an idea about electrical installations, safety and construction. This wide range of necessary skills makes the work of decorators and interior architects unique.

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