1 Day 1 Product and Data Protection


The Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 is a French law that regulates the freedom to process personal data on the Internet, i.e. the freedom to file human persons. It defines the principles to be respected when collecting, processing and storing personal data. It also guarantees a certain number of rights for the persons concerned. All websites, in particular 1 Day 1 Product, therefore undertake to comply with this law.

The various principles of the French Data Protection Act

The framework of the law sets out several principles that sites are obliged to comply with:

  • Define the purposes of the file: before any collection and use of personal data, the data controller must precisely explain to the persons concerned what they are going to be used for. This principle must respect the rights and freedoms of individuals. It limits the way in which the site will be able to use the data in the future.
  • Checking the relevance of the data: the data controller must only collect the data that is strictly necessary to achieve its purpose. He must also pay attention to the sensitive nature of certain data.
  • Limit the retention of data: once the purpose has been achieved, the controller must delete the data as there is no longer any reason to retain them.
  • Respect the rights of individuals: personal data may be collected on the condition that they have been informed in advance. Nevertheless, these persons have several rights to access their personal data and thus have them modified or even deleted.
  • Secure data: the data controller must take all necessary measures to ensure that the personal data collected is protected in an effective manner. Furthermore, he must ensure that only authorised persons have access to it.

1 Day 1 Product, a site respectful of personal data

1 Day 1 Product is an online sales site specialising in innovative products that make life easier for its customers. It is therefore essential, for a site like this one, to protect the personal data of its customers, especially when it concerns bank details. It is therefore committed to maintaining the absolute confidentiality of the data collected. It respects to the letter the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978. Thus, personal information is exclusively used by internal services and is not transferred or sold to third parties without prior consent from the customer. Similarly, bank data, which is saved for possible further purchases, is secured and protected in the best possible way.

The issue of personal data is a major challenge of the 2.0 era, it is imperative to protect them and individuals must have the right to consult them and have them deleted, if they wish, at any time. It is therefore important that websites respect this right and put in place the necessary measures and commitments to protect it.

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